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Beautiful, powerful, and precisely engineered. These kettles understand that your countertop is valuable real estate.

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Can't settle on the right kettle? Can't settle on the right kettle?

Can't settle on the right kettle?

Whether you're looking for a precision pour-over partner or an all-purpose heating machine, we can help you find your countertop companion.

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Electric Kettles

Shopping for an electric kettle is much easier when you know what to look for. At Fellow, we ensure our electric kettles have all the features and settings you need to get great coffee efficiently and precisely.

The Stagg EKG and Corvo have precise temperature control and preset temperatures that are easily adjusted. You can also set a timer so your kettle will shut off automatically after your chosen time. Plus, both electric kettles have a keep-warm feature that keeps your water warm for an hour for when things get busy. And of course, auto shut-off after an hour just in case.

One of the benefits of an electric kettle compared to a stovetop kettle is its speed. Both Stagg EKG and Corvo boil water in record time while maintaining delicious flavor consistency. Stagg EKG’s gooseneck spout helps promote accuracy and control when pouring so that every cup is brewed perfectly. Don’t just take it from us, take it from multiple champions in the U.S. Barista Championships and see why we believe Stagg is the best gooseneck kettle on the market.

To learn more about what qualities matter most in an electric kettle and how our products stack up against the competition, visit our Compare Kettles page or check out our selection of stovetop kettles if you prefer classic brewing methods!