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Coffee Filters

How to Choose a Coffee Filter

Coffee filters are a vital part of making the perfect cup of coffee. The type and style of filter you use will depend on your preference and brewing methods. No matter what filter you use, make sure it fits your home brewer correctly and isn't too tight or loose.

Coffee Filters: Paper vs. Metal

Are you looking for a coffee filter that meets all your needs?

Paper Filters

Paper filters are trendy due to their convenience and affordability. They are disposable and come in various sizes to fit almost any coffee maker. While they do an excellent job at filtering out smaller particles, such as coffee grounds, they also remove some essential oils that give freshly brewed coffee its delicious flavor. This leaves a smoother taste with less flavor.

Metal Filters

Metal filters come in either mesh or tamped versions and are popular for their durability, which leads to a longer lifespan than paper filters. In addition, metal filters allow more flavorful oils to pass through into your beverage, providing a richer cup of coffee with more complexity. The main disadvantage is that metal filters don't always catch finer particles like grounds, so unfiltered sediment may make its way into your brew.

At Fellow Products, we offer innovative solutions to make brewing the perfect cup of coffee easy and enjoyable for everyone. Our paper filters provide superior flavor extraction, and our mesh filter delivers maximum clarity. Interested in some more coffee filter education? Learn more about how paper vs metal filters impact your coffee.