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Brew Guides


By Hannah Miller |

Back To Brewing School: Pour-Over Basics 101

Coffee class is back in session. To help ace your morning routine, here's a primer on pour-over. No prerequisites required!  Course Materials: Stagg EKGOde Brew GrinderStagg [X] Pour-Over SetCoffee Dial...

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By Team Fellow |

The Bedtime: Clara French Press Recipe

Hold up. A French press recipe that doesn’t include coffee? Yes, folks. We know the Fellow world revolves around coffee 99% of the time, but we do have a soft...

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By Danny Hernandez |

The Weekender: Clara French Press Recipe

What’s the rush? The caffeine-pounding mornings of Monday through Friday are over. It’s the weekend. This is a slow Sunday type of French press recipe. Taking your time is crucial...

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